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Die Wartburg umgeben von grünen Wäldern

Picturesque surroundings of the Hotel

Our traditional hotel Glockenhof is located in the center of the beautiful city of Eisenach. Our hotel offers accommodation with a feel-good environment for every traveler, both business and leasure.

Thus, every business traveler has the oppotunity to reach the city center in a few minutes. City travelers can walk and explore all the cultural attractions and sights of our historic city in a short walk.

For nature lovers and those who enjoy hiking, the Glockenhof's ideal location allows you to reach culture and sights outside the city of Eisenach, as our hotel is not far from the forest and hiking trails. Surrounding attractions, which are located a little further away from Eisenach, can be easily reached by public transport from the bus or train station. So you can experience the whole Wartburg surroundings with your loved ones and discover all of Thuringia.

Convince yourself and get a first impression of your vacation in Germany's green center​​​​​​​.

The Rennsteig

The most famous hiking trail in the Thuringian Forest and therefore probably one of the most famous hiking trails in Germany.

It connects the town of Hörschel near Eisenach with the town of Blankenstein by a path that leads over the heights of the Thuringian Forest. The total length is 169.3 km. Experience the variety of landscapes along the Rennsteig and take a break at the most beautiful places in Thuringia wherever you like it.

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Dragon Gorge

Three-kilometre-long gorge trail at the foot of Wartburg Castle. The most impressive part of the gorge is less than 1 m wide.

On the first few metres in the graceful valley "Annatal", the hiker has no idea of the magnificent scenery that awaits him. Soon, however, the approximately 1 km long notch valley narrows first into a gorge, then even into a ravine, until finally more than 10 m high, vertical rock walls come together to a distance of 73 cm.Over a length of 182 m, the Marienbach- and Steinabach stream meanders under the wooden planks of the path.

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The Thuringian Forest

With an area of 2200 square kilometres, the Thuringian Forest Nature Park is one of the largest nature parks in Germany.

It includes the Thuringian Forest, the western Thuringian Slate Mountains and parts of the mountain foothills. It stretches over 100 kilometres from northwest to southeast along the Rennsteig, probably the best-known and oldest high-altitude hiking trail in Germany.


mini-a-thür in Ruhla

In the midst of the magnificent landscape of the Thuringian Forest, you can experience more than 50 historical Thuringian buildings on a scale of 1:25.

At mini-a-thür, you can walk through Thuringia's centuries-old history in seven-mile boots. Goethe's garden house in Weimar is only a stone's throw away from the Luther House in Eisenach and the Zeiss Planetarium is just a few steps away.


The Great Mountain "Inselsberg"

Probably the most famous mountain in the Thuringian Forest - the Inselsberg.It is 916m high and lies near the spa town of Bad Tabarz.

Until the middle of the 17th century, the mountain was a secluded peak. From then on, Ernst the Pious, then Prince of Gotha, opened up the mountain. About 100 years later, Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha and Altenburg built a small observatory on the Inselberg plateau for astronomical research and land surveying.


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